Thursday, July 31, 2008

Aw, girl, you think you bad?

DP Yumyum released a couple of new dresses this week, including the Halter Chiffon one I'm wearing here. It is very lovely and sweet - quite feminine, in fact. It made me want to dress really girly, so I chose pink accessories, summery sandals, and a cute butterfly (which is actually a pin, but I moved it to my hair) to wear with it. The skin, from London Dailey of Pink Outfitters, is a preview of her soon to be released new line. The hand drawn skin, with its subtle shading and rosy cheeks, complements the soft, feminine look of my outfit. I like it a lot and am looking forward to seeing them all.

I'm wearing:

Hair: Shop Seu - Pompadour in blonde
Skin: Pink Outfitters - FFX2 Creamy Ivory, Bare (to be released soon)
Eyes: Miriel - Strong Green (big)
Eyelashes: Lunacy - Modifiable Tintable Lashes
Dress: DP Yumyum - Halter Chiffon Dress in pink
Shoes: G Field - T-Strap Sandal Rose in white
Bag: G Field - Sunflower Basket Handbag
Earrings: Atelier AM - Pink Cube Earrings
Bracelet: Dark Mouse - Flower White Enamel Bracelet in pink
Butterfly Pin (worn in hair): G&S - Vintage Pink Butterfly Brooch

- Fi

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Oh bla di, oh bla da...

Today I was in the mood for a casual summer outfit that can go from an afternoon lunch and shopping to a fun night out. The rich textures on both the top and pants give this a sophisticated feel while the flounce of the blouse adds a sense of playfulness. I'm also loving this locket necklace - not only does it lend itself to a variety of looks, but Kess (of Kess Kreations) somehow managed to make a long necklace that doesn't get lost in boobage land! When I thanked her for this, she told me she tested it on her "fatty tummy," so she thought it would be ok with boobs. Gotta love a woman who embraces her fatty tummy!!

I'm wearing:

Hair: ETD - Riley
Skin: The Obscene - Arouse Base
Eyes: Miriel - Strong Green (big)
Shirt: Pink Outfitters - Loren Sheer Blouse in zebra
Bag: Barerose - Freja in white
Pants: Elephant Outfitters - Journey Tweed Slacks in white
Shoes: ETD - Peep Slingbacks in linen
Glasses: Prim Optic - Sophia
Necklace: Kesseret Kreations - Cratus II
Bracelets: VG Republic - Resin Bangles (right arm); Armidi Gisaci - Metallic Tres Bangles

- Fi

Monday, July 28, 2008

Be ready, be ready to get confused....

Well, we had wanted to do Outfit Wars this week but it got all fracked, so I'm doing my Outfit Wars outfit today, and Fionna will be doing hers tomorrow.

This dress is from Pink Outfitters, and as soon as Fionna showed it to me I liked it, the textures are flawless, it's just a beautiful dress. I was trying to come up with something to wear it with, and I picked out very pretty accessories...but then I realized that I could totally punk out this dress and it would still look awesome, thus this outfit was born. I also love that it comes with a belt. That really finishes the dress, in my opinion.

I'm wearing:

Skin: Lunacy, Shadowed in Milk
Hair: Nylon Outfitters, Nylon Messy Hair
Eyelashes: Cake, Bedroom Lashes
Undershirt: Sheer, Nylon Plain Tops
Dress: Pink Outfitters, Silk Fluff Organza Dress in Red
Stockings: Canimal, Torn Socks over Stockings in Black
Shoes: Urban Bomb Unit, PornStar Hi-Tops v2
Bracelets: WRONG, Spike Bands in Black

- DG

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

You're a mean one...

I planned to do a post on bargains today, but didn't get my act together in time. I just realized, however, that some of the items I'm wearing are, indeed, bargains. My outfit was created around a cute bag from +plus (although it's not shown in the pics here), inspiring a sort of nautical theme. This blue and white striped dress from Manatee, or Twee (125L), paired with the red belt from +plus (50L) captures the sailor look I was going for in a sophisticated rather than cutsie way. I chose to use white accessories to accent the outfit while not distracting from the gorgeous texture and sculpted loveliness of the dress.

... and I have no idea why the song from "The Grinch" was in my head as I prepared this.

I'm wearing:
Hair: Shop SEU - Pompadour in blonde
Skin: The Obscene - Arouse Base
Eyes: Miriel - Strong Green (big)
Eyelashes: Lunacy - Modifiable Tintable Lashes
Dress: Manatee/Twee - Scalleeeewag in blue
Bag: +plus - Big Clutch in Navy Style
Belt: +plus - Wide Belt in Red
Shoes: Tesla - Jane in surf
Bracelets: Bonita's Jewelry & Funique Shop - White Pearl Bead & Bangles 4
Earrings: JCNY - from Tiffany Collection in white

- Fi

Monday, July 21, 2008

It's a mad world...

Fionna said that I look like I'm riding on a train to a funeral, which is a compliment in my opinion.
She said it was funny that she could say things to me that anyone else would consider offensive and I respond with "thank you!"

I like to be able to tell a story with my clothes sometimes.

I'm wearing:

Skin: miw, Fall Light Skin in Dawn
Hair: Coif, Fancy Nancy in Black
Eyelashes: Cake, Bedroom Lashes
Pantyhose: G.L.A.M Black Lycra Tights
Shirt: Fashionably Dead, Loose Scoop Neck in aqua
Jacket: Bijou, Diva Cape
Skirt: Aoharu, Fluffy Wrapping Dress in Black
Shoes: Armidi, Barcelona Slingbacks in Prussian Blue
Hat: Vain Inc. Gift
Earrings: Paper Couture, Black Fleur Earrings
Purse: Paper Couture, Boulevard Bag in Noir
Gloves: Last Call, Rebecca Gloves (No longer available)

- DG

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Open your eyes...

We moved the guest outfit to Sunday, and here it is!

He's Wearing:

- Boots : The Drawmachine - bikerboots classic01
- Pants: The Drawmachine Sexy Ass Jeans black.
- Suit-vest: {Gisaci} / Armidi- Classic Zion Vest - Midnight.
- Tattoo: [ addiXion - Half Tribal Full Body Tattoo ].
- Cuff rightarm: F.A.T BAND STYLEZ-X// Male by F.A.T. DESIGNZ .
- Bandana left arm: Emery - Red * Hand Bandana
- Necklace: *REDGRAVE*Necklace COIN silver.
- Skin, shape, eyes, hair: custom Maded Shepherd.

- DG

Friday, July 18, 2008

I bet you changed your wardrobe since we met...

I really like this outfit, I would say more about it but I'm on the phone! =]

I'm wearing:

Skin: Lunacy, Phoenix Milk in Nude Gloss
Hair: Coif, 70's Flight Attendant in Highlighted Brown
Eyelashes: Cake, Bedroom Lashes
Pantyhose: Blaze, Sonatina hose
Undershirt: Aoharu, Fluffy Wrapping Dress in Brown
Shirt: PixelDolls, Anticipation
Skirt: Artilleri Ferra Set
Shoes: Shiny Things, Party Pumps in Tan
Necklace: Gisele, Pearl3 Rose Necklace

- DG

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I'll make it drowning dollie day...

Here is your Wednesday snapshot!

I like the concept, but the quality isn't all that great, I really need to learn how to use photoshop better.

Monday, July 14, 2008

You're my alibi...

I put off buying this skirt for a long time for a couple of reasons.

1) I didn't think it was flex, and that kind of turned me off.
2) I had no idea what to wear it with.

I eventually broke down and bought it, after I read a post on the feed about it and saw that it was flexi. I put it on, and stood there topless looking for something to wear it with, when I saw the "D!FF" folder in my inventory...then after that the outfit was easypeasy and I think it's absolutely freakin' adorable.

Ever since Achariya posted about Gala Phoenix's skins, I've been wanting one, so I went out and got this one today and it's so lovely! I'm definitely a fan of her skins now, they're beautiful.

I'm wearing:

Skin: Gala, Pale, Bare Minimum in Sparse
Hair: Hiccup, Slow Jamz 2007 in Platinum
Eyelashes: Cake Bedroom Lashes
Pantyhose: Sheer, Tights in GreenCyan
Shirt: D!FF, Teal Gina Neck (No longer available, sorry. =[)
Skirt: Royal Blue, Lost Ballet in Nude
Shoes: Shiny Things, Party Pumps in Powder Pink
Necklace: Atelier AM, Ribbon Necklace
Bracelet: Miam Miam, Coco Bangle Bracelet
Earrings: Miam Miam, Coco Diamond Stud Earrings

- DG

Thursday, July 10, 2008

[18:53] Apatia Hammerer: I'm not ashamed of loving Bruce Springsteen

Apatia Hammerer has quickly become one of my favorite people in SL, and I definitely don't think I'm the only one that feels that way! I asked her earlier today if she wanted to be on the blog and her reply was "I want to see Walking with Dinosaurs!!!!!" and then we talked about that for a while (it sounds horrifying and excellent, you should google it or something) and then she was like "Okay I'll be on the blog!" so here she is:

And now for what you've really been waiting for, ladies and gentlemen, GARRRRYYYYY BUSEEEYYYYYYY! Looking fashionable as always! (Apatia did this while I was snapping pictures of her, and then I asked her to email it to me so every else could get a look at fabulosity.)

She's wearing:

[18:50] Apatia Hammerer: UBU Pirate Rain Boots *H+K*rose dot knee-socks manatee/[twee] Melted Deckchair Swallowtail Jupiter Necklace Pearl PUDGE: Fair Verona pudge pose *blowpop* Tuesday Cream [1a. Tuesday Morning] blk, frkl
[18:50] Apatia Hammerer: ooo wait
[18:50] Apatia Hammerer: let me do it one by one
[18:50] Apatia Hammerer: UBU Pirate Rain Boots
[18:50] Dolly Gwynneville: blowpop is a good idea
[18:51] Apatia Hammerer: *H+K*rose dot knee-socksmanatee/[twee] Melted Deckchair
[18:51] Apatia Hammerer: Swallowtail Jupiter Necklace Pearl
[18:52] Apatia Hammerer: PUDGE: Fair Verona
[18:52] Apatia Hammerer: *blowpop* Tuesday Cream [1a. Tuesday Morning] blk, frkl
[18:52] Apatia Hammerer: there, that's less confusing
[18:53] Dolly Gwynneville: oh yeah, where is your tattoo from?
[18:54] Apatia Hammerer: aitui

- DG

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I'm gunna shuffle his deck clean...

I was wearing darker pants with this at first, which made me feel like a fashiony spy! BD

But, I wanted to break up the pants and the top, so it didn't look like I was in some kind of jump suit. I really like this outfit, and I really really like the background pose, which is from Pudge. If you haven't gone to Pudge to try out the poses, do it, you wont regret it because even if you don't find a pose you like, the names of the poses will make you laugh. I highly doubt that you wont find a pose you like though.


I'm wearing:

Skin: miw, Fall Light Skin (Blondie)
Hair: Coif, Domina in Black
Eyelashes: Cake, Bedroom Lashes
Jacket: Fashionably Dead, Loose Scoop Neck in Black
Jeans: Artilleri, Betsy Pants in Black (I modified them so that the leg would be longer)
Socks: Shop Seu, Kushukushu Kutsushita in Black (There was a weird gap between the shoes and the pants, so I added these socks, they work great with open toed shoes!)
Shoes: Tesla, Athena in Black
Bracelet: Miam Miam, Coco Bangle Bracelet
Earrings: Miam Miam, Coco Diamond Stud Earrings
Necklace: Japancakes, Fashionista Necklace

- DG

Monday, July 7, 2008

He was killed by a cellular phone explosion...

I like primary colors (and green).

I'm wearing:

Skin: miw Fall Light Skin (Cat liner)
Hair: Armidi Hair The Pasadena Girl V Midnight Collection in True Black
Eyelashes: Cake Bedroom Lashes
Shirt: Thimbles Charlie Moved to Miami in Blackout
Skirt: Artilleri Hanna High Waist
Shoes: Shiny Things Dare Pumps in Yellow
Bracelets: I made these, but they suck so don't ask.

- DG

Sunday, July 6, 2008

When I am queen...

I was bored today so I felt like doing an extra post!

I've been wearing black clothes galore, so that's probably all you'll see this week, but they're all really different styles, so hopefully they will keep you entertained.

Here was the outfit I came up with today:

I wanted to wear something to pimp my jewelry. A while back I tried to make a necklace and, haha, I'm so brilliant, I made the chain by hand! Then I found out that there was a script, then I found out the script was whack, so then I frantically IMed Kesseret Steeplechase and asked her to help me, and she did, and now I have a pretty chain. Next week I'm going to buy my own chain making device so I can do it myself, and who knows where that will lead.

Here is the afore mentioned necklace:

And here are the plugs that I'm wearing, I made these all by myself, and uh, prim lobes. AWESOME, right? I think so too:

Alright now time for the creds.

I'm wearing:

Skin: miw Fall Light Skin (Porkchops)
Eyelashes: Cake Bedroom Lashes
Hair: Aden Edie in Black
Tights: Canimal Torn Socks over Stockings in Black
Shirt: Schadenfreude Black White Skelebeaters
Skirt: Ingenue One Boy
Shoes: Shiny Things Tuxedo Pumps
Bracelet: Draconic Kiss Skulls 'n' Ribbons (I think this is a group gift?)

- DG

Friday, July 4, 2008

I followed the waves to you...

Well, I was planning on doing a guest post yesterday, and then your regularly scheduled outfit wars today, BUT, due to me being photoshop stupid, I'm bringing you the guest outfit today.

Stein Shilova IMed me one day about hair on the blog, and we talked for a bit, and now we talk a lot! She's super godzilla badass hardcore, and I haven't seen her in an outfit that I didn't like. Her blog (Meltybritches) is linked off to the side if you're interested in seeing some more of her outfits.

She's wearing:

Hair - BOON, uzu22 in jetblack
Skin - Blowpop, Shir Seductive in vanilla
Shirt - Fashionably Dead, Loose scoop neck in black
Belt - Fleur, Lemon patent leather belt
Skirt - Stitch by Stitch, gitana long skirt
Shoes - HUB, Venus sandals in bright yellow
Headpiece - TCinShelter, Feather head piece #1

- DG

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

This is the ultimate showdown...

I can't tell you where I am. I can't tell you what I've seen. I can tell you that me and Genuwine Lightnin' have been keepin' your SL self safe from dinosaurs, and partner...that should be enough for you.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Bring me 17 white doves....

To be honest, I have nothing interesting to say, so I'll just make a few brief comments about this outfit. Bijou came out with a new release last night and it took me about 2.5 seconds to fall in love with the Etranger outfit. Another recent purchase is a couple of skins by Lunacy. I was drawn in by the fantastic sale price (299L), but don't let that fool you. They are absolutely beautiful (and the regular price is only 499L!). They've even converted me to freckles!

I'm wearing:

Hair: Mirai Style - Bysh in brown
Skin: Lunacy - Phoenix Pale in Nude Gloss Brow 2, freckles
Eyes: Miriel - Strong Green (big)
Eyelashes: Lunacy - Modifiable Tintable Lashes (included with skin)
Outfit (tunic, pants): bijou - Etranger in watermelon
Sandals: Lassitude & Ennui - Signature Sandals in black & gold
Bangles: Armidi Gisaci - Healing Koi Bangle in juniper (left arm); Bonita's Jewelry & Funique Shop - Browns & Pearls Bracelet 4 - #7 (right arm)
Earrings: Junk - Oh Earrings

- Fi