Thursday, August 28, 2008

But it's time you started living...

Yesterday my friend, Kaname, kiddingly complained that my fashion inspiration never comes from her outfits. Since she wears a frog on her head everyday, my outfit today is inspired by and dedicated to her.

I'm wearing:
Hair: MMS - Ribbon, light brown
Skin: Pink Outfitters - FFX3 Custard Bare
Eyes: Pink Outfitters - Realism Eyes, mossy green
Eyelashes: Cake - Bedroom Lashes
Shirt: Thimbles - Jerry Lee, Red de LaRouge
Pants: Aoharu - Pixy Tunic Set (part of outfit)
Shoes: Periquita Outlet - Miss Lulu, green dots
Necklace: Chicoco - Rose Necklace, red
Bracelet: VG Republic - resin Bangles with Color-Change
Earrings: VG Republic - Resin Candy Ring Earrings
Frog: GRAFIX Glineux Frog (contact GRAFIX Glineux in world for more information)
Poses: Twosome - Guck ma!; LAP - Official LAP Pose

- Fionna

Friday, August 22, 2008

I'd like to be, be like the wind...

Here is today's outfit!

Heavenly inspired by Alexander McQueen.


I'm wearing:

Skin: Gala, Pale in Sultry Classic
Hair: Armidi Hair, Symphony Twist in Platnium
Eyelashes: Cake, Bedroom Lashes
Jacket: Last Call, Editorial, Alligator Corset (No longer available)
Shirt: Kyoot Army, Straight Jacket Surrealist
Undershirt and skirt: Viva la Glam Republic, Two Tone Wrap Dress in Black
Shoes: Aphrodite Creations, Sasy Chic d'Or Fleur
Bracelet: Curio, Gold and Onyx Bracelet

- DG

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I am orange today...

Among the many great poses included in the Long Awkward Pose poop hunt is the Broken Puppet pose (shown on the left). I thought it was so cute (actually, in keeping with the spirit of the hunt, I should instead call it "poopalicious" or "pooptastic" or something equally un-PC and anti-cute) that I used it as the inspiration for today's outfit(s). I immediately remembered the Red Onepiece dress from Saya that I've had my eye on for a while now, but haven't gotten around to buying. When I went to get it, I couldn't decide between that and the Black Onepiece, so I got both (at the very affordable price of 100L each).

I'm wearing:

Hair: Uncleweb Studio - Ilias in mesh black
Skin: Pink Outfitters - FFX3 Custard, earth
Eyes: Miriel - Standard Eyes Chartreuse
Eyelashes: Cake - Bedroom Lashes
Nails: Risa's - Mizutama Nail, red
Dresses: Saya - Red Onepiece (left) & Black Onepiece (right)
Tights: VG Republic - Tintable Metallic Lycra Tights (free)
Shoes: Periquita Outlet - Bootie in burgandy (left); Kitties Lair - Peep Toe Pumps Tease! in stellar black (right)
Necklaces: +Plus - Funky Double Necklace, purple (left); Artilleri - Chunky Bead Necklace (right)
Flower: Kurotsubaki - Yellowflower (group gift)
Poses: Long Awkward Pose - Broken Puppet (left); Twosome - Aw Really? (right)

- Fionna Bracken

Monday, August 18, 2008

'Cause Rianna wont let me in...

I'm back! For those of you who don't know, last week I took a small vacation and spent four days with my significant other. =]

The week before last Mariya Nesiote posted this outfit, and I was instantly in love with it, so I decided to put my own twist on it and I am super pleased with how it turned out. I was worried that it would appear that I copied her outfit, but I think there are major differences that say otherwise. The outfit was just particularly inspiring, and actually fueled a few other outfits of mine as well! =]

Here ya be:

I'm wearing:

Skin: Gala, Pale in Sultry Classic
Hair: Coif, Marcelle in Snow (self tinted)
Eyelashes: Cake, Bedroom Lashes
Tights: Punch Drunk, Skinned Knee Tights in Orange
Jacket: Ce Cubic Effect, Short Leather Jacket in Red
Shirt: Thimbles, Mr. Worthington's Diary in Orange
Skirt: Fashionably Dead, Fire Compound
Shoes: Tesla, Marie in Redhot
Necklace: Chapeau tres Mignon, Mae Hong Son Neck Rings

- DG

Friday, August 8, 2008

HoH Review

This was going to be posted yesterday, but things didn't work out that way, so here it is today!

I'm so picky about hair, so when I got review styles from House of Heart, I was a little worried. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that with almost every hair in the pack, I was able to put an outfit together that went great with it, really quickly!

The styles varied from casual and simple to elaborate and fun, and the hair textures are all really nicely done, so I'm sure you'll be seeing me in hair from there more often.

Here are three of the styles I was given:

I'm wearing:
Skin: Lunacy, Phoenix Milk in Nude Gloss
Hair: House of Heart, Allie in Coffee Bean
Eyelashes: Cake, Bedroom Lashes
Jacket: Barerose, Katherine Grey Jacket
Undershirt: It's All Good, Short Double Button Vests Tank Top
Shirt: Thimbles, Mr. Worthington's Diary in Some Kinda Teal
Jeans: Celestial Studios, Jeans in Medium Dark
Shoes: Shiny Things, Brocattos in Brown

Skin: Frick, Tan Green/Pink Makeup, Light Pink Lips
Hair: House of Heart, Calypso in Natural Blonde
Eyelashes: Cake, Bedroom Lashes
Dress: Cupcakes, Shiny Plaid Dress
Shoes: Aphrodite Creations, Serenity in Sweet Pink
Necklace: KessKreations, Dolly Pink Pearl Necklace (group gift)
Bracelet: KessKreations, Dolly Pink Pearl Bracelet (also a group gift)

Skin: miw, Fall Light Skin in Porkchops
Hair: House of Heart, Jordan in Coffee Bean
Eyelashes: Cake, Bedroom Lashes
Jacket: Canimal, Disorder Jacket (really old group gift)
Jeans: Laqroki, Skinny Jeans in Black
Shoes: Boing Fromage, MaryJane Flats
Bracelet: I made this, IM me in world for more details.


Monday, August 4, 2008

Bees in the caramel and I'm not afraid...

Hmm...what to say about this outfit? It's full of my favorite things, black and gold, jackets, stripes, Coif,'s one of the best outfits I've put together, in my opinion.

Sorry I never have much to say about the outfits I'm wearing, but I instead choose to let them speak for themselves.

I'm wearing:

Skin: Gala, Pale in Sultry Classic
Hair: Coif, 70's Flight Attendant in Black
Eyelashes: Cake, Bedroom Lashes
Jacket: VG Republic, Metallic Bomber in Black
Shirt: Emery - Singer Edition, Striped Tank in Black
Jeans: Artilleri, Betsy Pants in Black (I modified them so that the leg would be longer)
Shoes: Storm Schmooz, LAQUE in Black
Bracelet: I made this, for questions, IM me in world.
Necklace: Fashionably Dead, Unhappy Flower Necklace
Glasses: Artilleri, Buddy Glasses

- DG

Sunday, August 3, 2008

The coals are dead...

Here at DG, we love Kess, it's about frackin' time that we ad her on the blog. Here she is in all of her moustachey glory.

Kesseret's Haute Couture:

Hat: iDOL Black Trilby Hat Customized w/ Pimp feather. (Orion Raymaker)
Ears/tail: Black Neko Ears/Tail set: Wynx Whiplash
Skin: Tess Smokey (Laqroki- formerly RaC)
Jacket/Shirt: Last Call Virginie Jacket Militaire w/ Blouse and Cravat
Tails: Last Call Equestria Tails
Shorts: Tres Blah tweed shorts
Hair: Truth Danny 2
Mustache: Sarah Nerd Sweet Ass Handlebar Mustache
Shoes: Maitreya Slinky Stilettos