Monday, March 31, 2008

Guest Outfit

Like many other G.L.A.M lovers, I was gorging myself on their sale clothes when I ran into Fionna Bracken. She was wearing a super cute spring outfit, and I told her so, then we chatted about freebies (she has the art of freebie wearing down to a science!) clothing layers, and her doing a guest outfit for my blog. She was really excited and so was I, and it was just the thing I needed to kick me back into fashiony gear.

The shoot went really well, we talked for a long time afterwards, and somehow we ended up sitting in Trailer Park Lawn Chairs and putting on fairy wings, Amelie hair, wellies then PornStars and just generally being really silly.

If her word for me is "quirky" my word for her is "refreshing", she is one cool girl and I look forward to doing more guest outfits with her in the future.

She's wearing:

Hair: ETD - Lynne II in black
Skin: Celestial Studios - Vogue, Mid Rose
Eyes: Miriel - Dark Blue
Top: Last Call - Francesca Satin Halter (part of outfit)
Pants: Last Call - Candice Satin Pants (part of outfit)
Shoes: ETD - Wedge Pumps in gold (from St. Patrick's Day Clover Hunt at ETD)
Flower: Artilleri - Rose Hair Flower
Earrings: Celestial Studios - Eliza Boho Dangle Earrings (Week of Love group gift)
Bracelet: SLink - Silver Beaded Bangles
Ring: Fuse - Bloom (group gift)

- DG

Friday, March 14, 2008

See me, see me bubblin' quietly

I've been wanting to make this post for a while now:

What is the point of DG? -points to right hand columns- Inspiration.

I'm going to use articles of clothing that is no longer available, or clothes from itty bitty stores that may only sell one or two products, sometimes I'll post things that aren't even wearable in world. The point is to inspire, I don't want people to copy my outfits head to toe, even though they are welcome to, that is not my goal.

SL is fun, but dangerous. In the real world, assimilation is only possible to a certain extent, everyone is different, even if they choose not to express that fact. In SL, you can be identical to another avatar. Exact same skin, exact same clothing...but why?

I've been dissapointed lately, it seems like all we see any more is Armidi head to toe, I mean, I love Armidi as much as the next girl but...come on. I never want to be that person, in fact, I try not to post an outfit if there are more than 2-3 items from the same store.

No wonder there has been so many problems with content theft, people are starting to think that the only way to be successful in SL is to "create" the same thing that has been done before...that's just part of why I think there is so much content theft, mind you, there is the obvious get rich fast factor as well, and the "look at this awesome thing that I can take all the credit for!" factor too.

Just some food for thought.

Also, can anyone recommend some fashion feeds? Iheartsl is on crack lately. =[

On to the outfit:

I'm wearing:
Skin: miw Fall Light Skin (Porkchops) (I've missed you so...)
Eyelashes: Cake Flutter Lashes
Hair: Aden Edie in Black and Regina Long in Black
Tights: G.L.A.M Tintable Metallic Gold Lycra Tights
Undershirt: PixelDolls LeatherLaced Mix Undershirt
Shirt: FORM Crown and Roses Shirt
Skirt: Creamshop Gold dot skirt in Black
Shoes: Lassitude and Ennui Hitomi in Dark
Crown: qc. Crown of Pearls: The King

- DG

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I got you under my skinnn....

Surprise surprise, another outfit inspired by Agyness Deyn! Well, Burberry, if you want to get technical.

I really like the whole bold colors and vinyl thing going on at the moment (I know, I'm just full of surprises today, I mean, bold colors?! Who would have guessed.)

Such a night out look!

I'm wearing:
Skin: *IR* Glow in Blue Punk Eyes
Eyelashes: Cake Flutter Lashes
Hair: Nylon Outfitters Crazy Curls
Fishnets: Celestial Studios Tux Dress Fishnets
Jacket: London Calling Collection Vinyl Jacket in Dark Blue
Dress: <3 Cupcakes! Black Gathered Dress
Shoes: Armidi Gisaci Barcelona Slingback in Prussian Blue

- DG

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Simple, classic.

I've been at a loss for outfits lately, so, I decided to go with something simple and classic, and it turned out pretty well I think! Storm Schmooz Shoes are to die for, just look at them.

I'm wearing:
Skin: *IR* Glow in Black Smoke
Eyelashes: Cake Flutter Lashes
Hair: Aden Edie in Black
Stockings: Simone! Steno Pool Stockings
Jacket: *IR* Classy Vest in Navy
Trousers: Cashmere Remy Pants
Shoes: Storm Schmooz LAQUE in Black
Tie: Armidi Gisaci Classic Italia 3-Tie set

- DG

Saturday, March 8, 2008

You can't fly away, electric bird...

Two outfits today because I'm lazy and haven't been posting. Plus, I changed the way I post outfits and I wanted to show it off.

A lot to talk about today.

Can anyone tell me why *IR* (Is it Indie Rainbow?) skins are only $150L? Is there a sale or is that their normal price? I was skippin' along in Appearance Mode today and decided to go in because I hadn't been since it was [Random Industries] and I was pretty much shocked, they're really good skins, at least in my opinion.

I also took a trip to Boing Fromage today and was delighted, I always forget how much I like that store.

Oh, and, it's official, I'm in love with Agyness Deyn. If you've ever seen me in world, you know that I very very rarely wear long hair styles out and about, it's almost always pixie cutish or an updo. So, Agyness Deyn pushes my inspiration button into overdrive with JUST her hair alone. We're not even going to get into how amazingly androgynous she is.

In case you don't know who I'm gushing about:

Here are your two outfits:

I'm wearing:

Skin: *IR* Glow in Contrast
Eyelashes: Cake Flutter Lashes
Hair: Kin Yohkoh in Black
Dress: Boing Fromage Midnight Party Tunic
Shoes: Boing Fromage Studded Leather Sandals in Black
Necklace: Boing Fromage 60's Wired Owl in Silver

I'm wearing:

Skin: miw Fall Light Skin (Porkchops)
Eyelashes:Cake Flutter Lashes
Hair: Hiccup Nerd Swept (White Platinum)
Undershirt: It's All Good White Tank and Bottom Tank in the Short Double Buttoned Vests
Shirt: Armidi Limited Jet Setter Tee in Black
Jacket: Cubic Effect Short Leather Jacket for Women in Black
Jeans: G.L.A.M. Silver Jeans in Charcoal Wash
Shoes: Urban Bomb Unit PornStar Hi-Tops

- DG

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Fear ye Saint Noni's wisdom...

Just in case anyone missed it: I'm (maybe!) holding a contest, please refer to the post below this one in my blog for more details.

I've been slacking off. But, this is a reallllly cute outfit! :D

(Oh, and good god, I have been listening to NOTHING but CocoRosie for the last few weeks...)

I'm wearing:

Skin: miw Fall Light Skin in Dawn
Eyelashes: Sin Skins Vanity Lashes
Hair: Hiccup Slow Jamz 2007 in Black
Dress: 141 Embroidered One Piece
Jeans: Celestial Studios Destroyed Wash
Shoes: 69 Honmoku Knit Boots in Noir
Bracelet: Juicy Wooden Bangles
Scarf: Gritty Kitty Scarf in Stripes and Plaids
Earrings: LF Luft Earrings in Gold

- DG